Dairy Products Marketing Co., Inc.

Cheese Sales Specialist Since 1981

 Dairy Products Marketing Co., Inc. buys, sells, and trades bulk cheese, off grade cheese, and dairy powders internationally and domestically.
           We are a leader in the cheese industry and are known for our:
 Integrity, Service, and Getting the Job Done!

Our company consists of 3 unique and knowledgeable people

                                          Steve Sztukowski                                                 
                                              Chief Operating Officer                                                                        

                                 Yvette Marthaler
                                                 Ann Marie Sztukowski
                                         President                                                                   Vice-President

Today's Current Cheese Market
Friday October 31st, 2014
Last Week's Block Average: $2.2635                        Last Week's Barrel Average: $2.0250
Today's Block: $2.1400 UP 1/2                        Today's Barrel: $2.1100 UP 4 1/2
This Week's Block Average: $2.1260                        This Week's Barrel Average: $2.0345

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